Keeping the Magic Going After Your Disney Trip is Over

You’ve spent months planning your vacation to Walt Disney World, from the time you book your trip, to the 60 days before when you can start reserving your FastPasses, until the time you land at Orlando International and hop on the Magic Express. And the moment you get home and set your bags down, it’s over. Some families have the great luxury of knowing that they’ll be back soon, but for most of us, it’ll probably be a while before we can visit the parks again. What do you do to keep the magic going?

This may be a bit nerdy (although if you found this blog post, you’re probably a DisNerd anyway), but there are a ton of people on YouTube providing weekly, even daily content from all over the Walt Disney World resort. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself, and we’ve found this to be a fun way to keep the conversation going with our kids while it’s still fresh in their memory. Here are a few of the best channels we’ve found.


This channel is run by a brother and sister team who stream live from one of the Disney Parks every Friday at 6 PM EST. How they’re able to livestream while walking around and going on rides for up to 3 hours at a time is beyond me, but they’ve somehow figured it out. They have a bunch of other park-based content (like Disney Park Audio), but the live streams are the closest you can get to the experience of meandering down Main Street whenever you feel like it.

Check them out on YouTube and Twitter.

The Tim Tracker

Another Orlando-based YouTuber, Tim Tracker, is like the Bob Ross of theme parks. His calm excitement for the nuances of change he notices as he strolls through the parks is as relaxing as it is informative. His near-daily visits to both the Disney and Universal parks give constant insight into the incremental changes happening over time, and his walking tours of the various hotel properties helped us decide where we wanted to stay for our recent trip to Universal. We were fortunate enough to cross paths with him at Universal Studios, and he could not have been any nicer when we stopped him to chat for a minute. His overwhelmingly positive attitude permeates the variety of different theme park videos he and his wife Jenn share on their channel, and it’s a great way to find appreciation for all of the little details you may not have noticed as you were running from ride to ride.

Check them out on YouTube and Twitter.

The WDW Couple

This channel is a more recent discovery, so I don’t know too much about them yet, but it looks like they post daily content from the Walt Disney Resort. Their video style is more polished and cinematic, which is nice.

Follow them on Youtube and Twitter.

Honorable Mention: The Bucket List Family

While they aren’t Disney-specific vloggers, this lucky family spent a full month living at Walt Disney World, staying at a different hotel/resort each night — ending with an overnight stay in Cinderella’s Castle. Our kids enjoyed following along on their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

Are there any other good Disney/Universal focused YouTube channels that we missed? Let us know in the comments, or tweet at us — @archandcastle.



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