The best portable charger for your Disney Parks trip

So much of your time inside a Disney theme park is spent using your phone, whether it’s taking pictures and videos of you and your family, scanning your tickets to get into the park, joining virtual queues for rides, checking wait times for attractions, or mobile ordering your food. Looking at the park’s map and figuring out where you are and where you’re trying to get to—if you’re going to utilize Genie Plus or Lightning Lanes, all that is done on your phone. Plus, for some reason, it feels like in the Florida heat, your battery drains faster.

A dead phone halfway through your day really limits all your options for everything you want to do inside the park. So, it’s important to pack a reliable portable charger.

The Anker Magnetic Portable Charger

The one that has been working best for me is the Anker Magnetic Portable Charger (affiliate link). If you have an iPhone 12 or later, it magnetizes to the back of your phone, and you can continue using it as you normally would while it charges. You’re not tethered by a cord to your backpack, which is a much more convenient experience for me.

I found this on Amazon for about $49; the price fluctuates throughout the year, but you can always keep an eye out for a good deal. It’s been really solid for me. Just charge it at the end of the day with a USB-C cord, and you’re ready to go in the morning. It’s pretty compact, easily fitting into one of my backpack compartments. That’s been a really good experience for me.

If you don’t have a MagSafe phone (or an iPhone at all), there are two things to look for when searching for portable chargers on Amazon. First is milliamp hours (mAh), which indicates how much charge it can store. The second is the wattage indicated by ‘W’ in all the Amazon listings, which is how fast it charges your devices. 5 Watts is normal slow charging, while 10-15 Watts is much faster. Take these into consideration when you’re looking at the price-cost comparison.

Some other options to check out:

Here is a solid, non-MagSafe option (affiliate link): Anker PowerCore Essential 20000

Here’s a cheaper yet still pretty good version (affiliate link): Anker 313 Power Bank

I’ve had really good success with Anker products — they’re sturdy, reliable, and seem to hold up for a few years. They don’t sponsor me in any way; it’s just the best brand that I’ve found for the cost.



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